Challenge 5: Disruptive Selection!

The last challenge is the hardest of all. This time we're going to try to simulate disruptive selection pressures. That means we want to create a situation in which it's good to be really small or really big, but bad to be medium-sized. In this challenge we've added a new food source—Beetles. Beetles are extremely nutritious (and crunchy!) for frogs. The problem is that they're big and fast, which means that only bigger frogs can catch them. There's also now a couple of small lily pads on the upper-left side of the pond flower. You can make one of these lily pads disapper by pressing the b key at any time.

Hint: Make the little flies have less energy. If you can get a good group of frogs on the small island, press the b key to make the bridge disappear.

About how many flies should be in the pond?


How much energy does a frog gain when it eats a fly?


Frog Count
Frog Sizes