Roberto — A Computational Literacy Stickerbook

Roberto is a children's storybook designed to introduce young kids and their parents to foundational computational literacy skills. The book includes embedded sticker activities that kids can use to to bring the story's characters to life on the screen of a smartphone or tablet computer. The stickers form simple computer programs with loops, logic, and even interactivity. The companion app uses the TopCode computer vision library to convert paper stickers into digital code.

Roberto Page Roberto App


Concept and Story: Michael Horn, Jaime Koh, and Sarah AlSulaiman

Software: Michael Horn

Illustrations: Igor Ivanovic


Horn, M.S., AlSulaiman, S., Koh, J. (2013). Translating Roberto to Omar: Computational literacy, stickerbooks, and cultural forms. Proceedings Interaction Design and Children (IDC'13), ACM Press, 120-127.

Horn, M.S. (2013). Interaction Design, books, and cultural forms. Workshop paper presented at Interaction Design and Children (IDC'13), New York, NY.



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